12 Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online (You Probably Don't Know About)

12 Best Places to Buy Affordable Art Online (You Probably Don't Know About)

Through the advent of the internet and people becoming accustomed to buying more things online, many places to buy art online have sprung up. What is great about this evolution is that there are many options for art lovers to find new works for their walls. The challenge is that it can be difficult to see past some of the large platforms like Etsy and society6 and find other places that are more bespoke.

Here is our top 12 list of best places to buy affordable art online that you probably don't know about, but need to check out.

1. Booooooom

You might know Booooooom (or Bo7m for those too lazy to type the seven o's), as one of the world's most popular art blogs. What you might not know is that they sell affordable limited edition prints, usually one at a time. Each print is priced at $100 USD and is only available for about a week. So if you ever see a print you like - buy it before it's gone!

2. Union Prints

Union Prints is a newer art platform that offers prints (framed and unframed) by a small group of artists from around the world. Prints start at $25 USD and styles range from colorful abstract paintings to dreamy landscapes and a whole lot in between. Union Prints also prints and ships globally, so you can get unique prints no matter where you are.

3. RoomFifty

RoomFifty is perfect for the graphic design lover. They offer prints from 50 professional illustrators and art directors. Each artist provides only 3 limited edition prints, 4 months at a time.

4. Made by Folk

Made by Folk is the love child of designers Glenn Garriock and Daniel Freytag. They offer an eclectic selection of geometric prints (both screen prints and limited editions) as well as t-shirts.

5. Department Store

Department Store is a marketplace curated by People of Print. Department Store is filled with a series of talented independent brands, studios, artists, designers collectives, and more, each contributing their beautifully made products. Beyond prints, you can find clothing, stationary, homeware. and more.

6. Really Well Made

Really Well Made is an online furniture and accessories store with a Scandinavian influence. Everyone in the company has a design background and their products (including their art) express a strong, timeless, and minimalist aesthetic that will stand the test of time. 

7. Eye Buy Art

Eye Buy Art is an online photography gallery that makes it easy to collect award-winning, fine art photographs by rising stars on the emerging art scene – without burning a hole in your pocket. Eye Buy Art represents artists who are on the cusp of significant growth, and have been vetted by high-profile juries as the “ones to watch out for”.

8. The Poster Club

The Poster Club is a Copenhagen-based online emporium offering a unique selection of high quality posters and art prints from both upcoming and established artists. Their inspiration comes from the trends in Nordic lifestyle, fashion, and interior design, combining their roots in Copenhagen and the Scandinavian culture, with new and innovative technology in the creative industry.

9. Artland

Artland is a social art market that connects galleries and buyers. They offer a wide variety of art that includes painting, sculpture, installation, print and more. While the majority of the work available is considerably expensive, you can find original pieces for under $300 USD.

10. Artcloud

ArtCloud is as much an art management tool as it is a marketplace. This technology-focused art platform boasts a roster of over 1500 established artists. Like Artland, most works are on the pricey side. However, you can discover beautiful and unique art at affordable prices by adjusting their price filter accordingly.

11. New Blood Art

New Blood Art is a website committed to discovering the most exciting up-and-coming talent in the art market today. Founder Sarah Ryan tours art colleges and studios throughout the UK inviting artists to show and sell their work on New Blood Art. Sarah is an artist by training, she completed a Fine Art degree in London and a post graduate certificate in arts education at Homerton College Cambridge. She went on to teach art in the U.K. and overseas in Botswana and has developed a proven track record over the years of identifying artists who go on to do very well. As a result, New Blood Art has been widely featured in the press, with many of the artists she identified having gone on to establish significant careers.

12. Instagram

Instagram is a great place to discover artists and follow them. But you might not think to DM an artist you admire and inquire about their work. Even if the artist is established, you may be surprised they might be able to offer you something special, like a print they have hanging around, at a very reasonable price! 

We hope you find this list valuable. If you'd like to stick around, feel free to explore our selection of affordable art. Happy affordable art buying!